Letra la deriva vetusta morla

Letra la deriva vetusta morla

La deriva vetusta morla lyrics english

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The official video is released on the same day the album is released, April 8, 2014. The writer and screenwriter Juan Cavestany is the director: «They asked me for a video clip for an extraordinary song and gave me total freedom and trust, which causes great vertigo. When I talked to the group, the first thing I mentioned was a totally arbitrary association, the first image that came to my mind: the boat canals in François Truffaut’s films. It turns out that in Madrid there was a similar one».VideoLetraHe had time to unfold myself

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David, ‘el Indio’, is in charge of playing with his drums the first passages of La deriva and giving, in passing, a previous idea of the content of the whole album: more origin, more essence (formally speaking) and with less layers of sound.    At the same time, the guitars of Guille Galván and Juanma Latorre are in constant dialogue with Pucho’s voice. It is, in fact, a declaration of intentions for what is to come.

For Pucho, La deriva opens the album and gives it its title because «it seemed to us the best letter of introduction of the album and of what it was going to contain. It talks about a drift, but in which we have to look for the positive things that surround us. It is a song in which the person who wrote it, in this case Guille, puts himself first. At the same time it tells what is happening at the moment in a more direct way than on other occasions, although it does not leave the lyric and the metaphor aside».

For Juanma it is one of the most emotionally charged songs on the album: «It is based on a story that Guille was told about an indigenous people to whom the arrival of progress caused more than one headache. Specifically, the arrival of clothes caused them a very strong flu epidemic. The song reflects on this, on the fact that imposing certain things on others can have negative, unexpected or counterproductive effects».

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David García, drummer of the band explains that «‘La deriva’ has been recorded in two different moments. The first one, in the summer of 2012, when we went to the Gárate studios in Andoain almost at the end of that tour. They were four songs that had been left ‘in the inkwell’ and then became ‘Fiesta mayor’, ‘Una sonata fantasma’, ‘Fuego’ and ‘La grieta’. The rest were composed in a fairly short period of time. In fact, it was the fastest album: from July to August 2013, and we recorded it from mid-October to early December.»

As the songs progressed, the members of Vetusta Morla had «a clearer idea of what the album was going to be,» says Pucho. «In fact, the title came much earlier than ‘Mapas’, in which it emerged as a result of everything we had. Instead, in this one, there came a point where we saw that drifting was a good starting concept, without that meaning that this is a concept album, far from it. But the axis of all the stories on the album are somehow based on the title».

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