Alejandro sanz en barcelona

Alejandro sanz en barcelona

corazón partío

The musical career of Sanz, who has been based in Miami for quite some time, took off at cruising speed in 1997 thanks to Más, an album that contained, among others, what is still his most emblematic song and, in fact, one of the best-rounded to his credit: Corazón partío.

Naturally, such a coup d’effect delighted the audience. A complicit audience, made up of spectators of varying ages, although with a tendency towards maturity, women being the majority in the venue.

He also shared the stage with the Catalan Judit Nedderman to perform ‘Este segundo’Alejandro Sanz put the finishing touch combining songs from the new album as ‘Back in the city’, ‘Te canto un son’ or ‘Mi persona favorita’ with hits from previous stages as ‘El tren de los momentos’ 0 ‘Amiga ‘mía’, in addition to sharing the stage with the Catalan Judit Nedderman to perform ‘Este Segundo’.

The singer from Cádiz ended the concert with a medley of equally retrospective songs, including ‘¿Y si Fuera Ella? and an intimate ‘Lo Sabes» on piano to say goodbye to Barcelona with his clear hymn, the aforementioned ‘Corazón partío’.

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Before reaching that moment, the night was marked by other ‘momentazos’, as was the surprise invitation of Shakira. «I have one of those friends that only with her closeness changes the pH of my soul and if I could make a wish for this concert would be to sing with her. Even though she is like a planet orbiting in another galaxy, I asked her if she would come and give us a hug. And she said yes», said the singer to introduce the singer from Barraquilla. And with «La tortura» the madness was unleashed.

But, undoubtedly, the star moment of the night was yet to come. Alejandro Sanz was singing El trato, when thousands and thousands of white balloons were illuminated by the light of cell phones. A fans’ own initiative that cut the singer’s breath, and his voice. Covering his face with his forearm, he cried. At that instant, the stadium was falling, and the giant screens picked up the moment. «You guys are crazy, what an outrage. I’m going to start again, okay? I love you, I love you.

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La Cámara de Comercio de Hollywood, organismo que gestiona el Paseo de la Fama, desveló la lista de artistas de la «Clase 2020», en la que además de Sanz, recibirán las estrellas cantantes de renombre mundial como Elvis Costello, Billy Idol, 50 Cent, Alicia Keys y Muddy Waters (a título póstumo).

Aparecer en la «Clase 2020» del Paseo de la Fama de Hollywood no significa necesariamente que la ceremonia de descubrimiento de la estrella tenga lugar el próximo año, ya que la fecha de estos actos depende de las agendas y compromisos profesionales de cada uno de los artistas elegidos.

Alejandro Sanz, de 50 años, es una importante figura de la música española y latinoamericana y ha cosechado éxitos con discos como «Más» (1997) y «El alma al aire» (2000) y con canciones como «Cuando nadie me ve», «No es lo mismo» y «Corazón partío».

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Alejandro Sanz had a very entertaining conversation with Jordi Basté on RAC1. In it he has boasted of being a madridista, but not a madridista fanatic, one of those who are not able to see beyond their own interests. «I am white and from Betis, but I have more friends in Barça than in Madrid. Xavi, for example, I sometimes correspond with Villa, Puyol…. They are fantastic people. In Madrid, Iker and Sergio are the ones I get along with the most».

On the other hand, Alejandro Sanz belongs to that faction of madridismo that does not get carried away by the histrionics of his coach: «Mourinho is not the paradigm of sympathy, we all know that? It’s not the Madrid I like the most».

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