Perro west highland terrier

Perro west highland terrier

West highland terrier puppies

But the most distinctive physical characteristic of the west highland white terrier is its beautiful white coat, composed of two layers: a soft, dense undercoat and a stiffer outer coat. The westie’s coat grows quickly, and the outer coat can easily reach 5 or 6 centimeters in length. With a westie, visits to the groomer will be frequent.

Diet is one of the keys to the well-being of any dog, including westies. This breed, in particular, being very active, will need a diet that can provide all the energy it needs. Apart from the type of food, we will have to take care of the quantity, since it must be adjusted to its level of activity (low, medium, high).

Westies are prone to suffer from skin problems, if this is the case of your dog, you should change his food to one appropriate for this type of pathology. Here you can consult some recipes to soothe skin problems in dogs.

West highland white terrier price

This breed originated in the West Highlands of Scotland, hence part of the name (Highland). Initially, the breed was indistinguishable from other short-legged Scottish terriers such as the Cairn, Dandie Dinmont and Scottish Terrier. However, over time each variety was bred separately to form pure breeds.

West Highland White Terriers were originally bred as fox and badger hunting dogs, and had coats of different shades. Popular legend has it that Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm decided to breed white dogs after one of his beloved tan dogs died after being mistaken for a fox. If the legend is true, this would be the reason why all West Highlanders today are white.

The most notable characteristic of the West Highland is its beautiful white mane, which is divided into an undercoat of soft, dense hair that contrasts with an outer coat of coarse, somewhat coarse hair. The outer layer usually grows up to 5-6 centimeters, so regular visits to the groomer are a must.

West highland white terrier price

All Westies should be socialized from an early age and continuously, especially with other dogs and other pets. These dogs are close to their hunting roots and do best when they have plenty of exercise. If left alone, they will dig up your yard and bark while doing so. The Westie is alert and will bark to defend its home and family.

As with all terrier breeds, the West Highland was bred to hunt game. Everything from rats to foxes and it was fair game as it still is to this day. While most Westies enjoy favored status as the family pet, they still compete in ground trials, and many continue to scurry for badgers or mice in their gardens.

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The West Highland white terrier is a breed of dog that originated in the West Highlands of Scotland. In fact, the literal translation of its name is West Highland white terrier. It is a dog known for its personality and bright white color. Admirers of this breed often call it Westie. It is friendly and even-tempered, as long as it is properly socialized. Like most terriers, they are energetic and courageous by nature.

Thus, one of its main promoters is considered to be Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm, who counted rabbit hunting among his greatest hobbies, and who originated the breed during the 19th century. Other sources support the theory that it was one of the leaders of the Clan Campbell, the 8th Duke of Argyll, who created the breed.

This condition usually presents when the puppy is between 3 and 6 months of age and disappears at 12 months. Diagnosis is usually made after x-rays have been taken. Treatment of the symptoms consists of providing medications that help the puppy to cope with this period, allowing him to eat and use his muzzle without pain. Corticosteroids are the most frequently used therapeutic agents. The disease disappears spontaneously when the growth period is over. Only in very severe cases, which do not respond to treatment, euthanasia is considered.

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