Video nacho vidal jose luis abad

Video nacho vidal jose luis abad


This Friday, La Sexta has broadcasted a new installment of ‘Equipo de Investigación’ under the title ‘El ritual de Nacho Vidal’. The program investigates the causes for which the porn actor has been accused of reckless homicide, along with his cousin and a friend, after the photographer José Luis Abad died after trying, during a shamanic ritual, a potent hallucinogen that comes from the toad bufo.

The case was initially presented as an accident at the farm owned by the adult film actor. However, everything changed when the victim’s relatives, through his lawyer, José Luis Villarrubí, handed over to the civil guard his cell phone, in which there was a video of almost 23 minutes where you can see the ritual and, therefore, everything that happened. This Friday, La Sexta has broadcast some of the unpublished images of this clip.

Verónica wrote to the photographer to warn him that, in order to do the ritual, she should eat «very healthy» and avoid «alcohol, pills with diazepam and those things». However, the day before the ceremony, the photographer admitted to the actor’s cousin that he had consumed alcohol and cocaine. Despite Abad’s confession, the ritual went ahead.

the images of the nacho vidal ritual

The video lasts almost 20 minutes.  It shows the renowned fashion photographer José Luis Abad, from Toledo, Spain, based in Valencia.  He is altered, emits sounds of asphyxiation, rales, his limbs are contorted, he remains rigid… And also appears Nacho Vidal, the well-known porn actor, who shakes a bell during a ritual that was supposed to serve to detoxify by ingesting a substance obtained from the toad bufo, which is called the molecule of God. This concentrate is a potent and dangerous hallucinogen.

It was on July 28, 2019, in the country house that the actor has in the Valencian town of Enguera. This practice, which certain shamanic currents link to an astral and mental journey with healing powers, caused José Luis to suffer a heart attack and die a few minutes later.

The video recorded by José Luis’ phone shows him writhing on the floor, emitting choking sounds and his limbs contorting. Until Nacho Vidal realizes that this situation is not normal and tries to give him cardiopulmonary resuscitation, mouth to mouth.  But it is too late.

nacho vidal and the rite of the buffo toad: no effect on the procedure

On the other hand, the magistrate has decreed the dismissal of the proceedings for a cousin of the actor and another investigated, by not appreciating any criminal responsibility in their actions, since despite being present neither of them had «control of the situation» nor performed «activities of direction of the same».

The resolution, notified this Wednesday and which can be appealed, establishes a period of ten days for the Prosecutor’s Office and the rest of the accusations to formulate a written accusation and request the opening of an oral trial, request the dismissal or, exceptionally, the practice of complementary diligences.

The Civil Guard investigation lasted eleven months. After appearing before the judge, they were released under investigation for the crime of reckless homicide, although the case was finally closed for the other two.

volcanes – the documentary

The news broke last June, when the actor Nacho Vidal was arrested for being implicated in the death of the photographer José Luis Abad. The death took place after performing a dangerous ritual with toad poison. The erotic actor’s lawyer denied his client’s involvement in an interview granted to Equipo de Investigación .

Last Friday the program of La Sexta wanted to shed light on the case after several months of unknowns. The report was broadcasted in the same week in which videos have come to light in which Nacho himself can be seen participating as a possible shaman in these ceremonies. It should be recalled that the implicated was released after being arrested.

The reporters of Equipo de Investigación were able to talk to Daniel Salvador, lawyer of the erotic film actor in this case. In the trial for the death of the photographer, the defense claims that the victim reported «clearly that he had consumed alcohol and drugs, but not to Nacho». The lawyer argues that it was Vidal’s cousin, also present, who did not pass this information to the actor.

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