Emilio gutierrez atletico de madrid

Emilio gutierrez atletico de madrid

Alejandro restrepo, dt atlético nacional

The team controlled by the Gil Marín family will be in charge of providing its local partner with «an extensive program of activities, in which different training sessions will be carried out in response to the needs raised by each working group». In this sense, it is proposed to implement from campuses to clinics, including training talks.

It will also encourage the travel of young players to the different facilities of the club in Madrid, so that they can participate in the Atlético Academia Experiences programs, which include directed training, friendly matches, theoretical sessions, among many others, all coordinated and supervised by the professionals who are part of the club.

«Working together we will enhance the expansion of the Atlético de Madrid brand and contribute with the formative work and our commitment to educate players and teams in this part of the world through our methodology,» says Emilio Gutiérrez, director of the Atlético de Madrid Academy.

Major signings for national + emilio gutiérrez is looking for

The president of Nacional assured that he hopes that Dimayor and the Federation reconsider that decision to be able to register the players they have on the waiting list for the next semester of the BetPlay 2021-II League.

«For us the decision of the Dimayor and the FCF in the situation we are facing is simple: it is to recognize that we have that is the right to due process and the right of the players. We see no other way out in recognizing these rights,» confessed Gutiérrez.

Cortuluá decided to go to ordinary justice in Switzerland, not to take the case as such, but to sue CAS as an independent authority of justice in relation to the ruling given by CAS.

«The right and human dignity of the players is being violated, they are being denied the opportunity to play and compete with Atletico Nacional. If the case was judged by the sports justice…the CAS already gave its verdict, but yes the case is going to be judged by the ordinary justice, but this has not happened, and as long as this case is not resolved the players have the right to play».

Alexandre guimarães «i am responsible for all of this

To carry out this project, the club has partnered with the sports management company Global Image Sports Inc. (GIS). They will work together to promote «the formation of young North American soccer players based on Atlético de Madrid’s characteristic work and training methodology. At the same time it expands the red and white values and reinforces its presence in the United States and Canada».

The young players will be trained in Atleti’s successful training method. Always taking into account the needs of each working group. Campuses, clinics and training talks will be held in the United States and Canada. In addition, they will be invited to come to Madrid to participate in the activities of the Atletico Academia Experiences. They will be able to enjoy guided training sessions, friendly matches or theory sessions, under the coordination and supervision of professionals from the red and white club.

«We are delighted to announce this long-term global collaboration agreement with GIS. We are impressed with their work. Working together we will enhance the expansion of the Atlético de Madrid brand. And we will contribute to the training work and our commitment to educate players and teams in this part of the world through our methodology,» says Emilio Gutiérrez, director of the Atletico Madrid Academy.

Emilio gutiérrez, new president of atlético nacional

In addition, Gutiérrez was emphatic that Atlético Nacional recognizes CAS as the highest court in matters of sports law. «We abide by the CAS and understand its ruling, which we comply with and pay.»

«Fernando Uribe arrives at Atlético Nacional in 2012 and belongs in principle 50% to Cortuluá and 50% to Atlético Nacional(…) In principle the clubs agreed that the player would not be sold for less than $10 million. However, Nacional does not control the market and effectively the player was never sold. Cortuluá claims to the federation for his 50% and surprisingly the FCF gives him the reason.»

«Atlético Nacional abides by what the CAS said and that is to pay Cortuluá $150,000 (…) However, Cortuluá decides to take the case to ordinary justice, specifically to the Swiss Federal Court and demands the 5MDD» -Emilio Gutiérrez, president of @nacionaloficial- Blog Verdolaga (@BlogVerdolaga) July 14, 2021

For the Verdolaga president, the club has no problem in going to ordinary justice but says that both the FCF and Dimayor must respect due process and the players’ right to work:

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