Around our intentional community, yerba mate is affectionately known as “yerbs”.  We drink it every day and its healing properties are so profound we practically refer to yerbs as a personal plant friend!

Indeed, yerba mate is a tropical plant.  Research boasts on mate’s behalf to have 90% more antioxidants than green tea and includes significant immune boosting properties.  Yerba mate is rich in amino acids and polyphenols that balance the effects of its caffeine content – making the yerba “buzz” smooth with no coffee crash.  Yerba mate also contains minerals to support nervous system function and B-vitamins to relax muscles producing a balanced, long lasting physical AND mental stimulator.

Traditionally, natives of South America, where the tropical plant grows, have used yerba mate as a digestive aid.  What better ingredient to add to an already amazing digestive boosting drink like kombucha?

Add to the numerous health benefits of mate the ritual of sharing.  At the heart of yerba mate culture is the ritual of drinking mate.  When an Argentine asks you to share a mate, a friend you have made.  We like to see Buffalo Mountain Kombucha drinkers in this same light.  Drawing on our South American sisters and brothers, we can create a new ritual right here in southwest Virginia!  So here’s to yerbs’ perfect union with BMK – cheers!