With more and more kombucha brewers popping up, why choose Buffalo Mountain Kombucha?  Firstly, hurray.  Hurray for all the fermenters out there fermenting – creating a bounty of healing microbes for all of the people.  And hurray for all of the gut awareness building each day, people are waking up to the mind-belly connection and understanding the importance of a healthy intestinal tract.  We are smiling proud to be among the folks fermenting it up and bringing awareness to anyone willing to listen and take charge of their health.

But, why choose our (ahem, gorgeous) apothecary (and resealable) bottles from the fridge at your local natural foods store, coffee house, specialty grocer, yoga studio, cafe, oh, and crossfit studio?


Here’s a list!

Yerba Mate: With 90% more antioxidants than green tea, all of mates vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and amino acids have a balancing effect on it’s caffeine levels – making for a smooth, non jittery increase in mental clarity.  Traditionally used in South America as a digestive aid, mate is kombucha’s perfect partner to keep good colon bacteria alive and well in your gut.  The amino acids in yerba mate keep cholesterol moving through your bloodstream, avoiding accumulation on artery walls.  Yerba Mate has some serous legs in the health food world.

Organic (which is non-GMO, you know), high quality medicinal ingredients:  Every goji berry, every elderberry, every flower of hibiscus is 100% certified organic – we ain’t playin.  We feed you what we feed our family.  Oh, and that zesty ginger that we juice into our Ginger Fizz?  Grown in Floyd County, organically and biologically by Fertile Crescent Farms.  Truth.  School yourself on biological farming.  Our kombucha is also vegan and gluten free.

Fermented with Love: Each glass fermenter has it’s own intention attached.  Have you heard about Dr. Emoto’s experiment of turning water into crystals?  We have.  So we’re conducting our own experiment at Buffalo Mountain Kombuchery.  Guess what?  It’s working:  our mothers are responding by fermenting  delicious, fizzy goodness filled with probiotics, organic acids and digestive enzymes.  Love Wins.

Commitment to community and our planet:  Enthralled by the practices of Sacred Commerce pioneered by Terces and Matthew Engelhart of Cafe Gratitude, we use our business as a vehicle to raise consciousness about community and heart centered communication.  We love engaging people, connecting – really connecting to our customers, and allowing gratitude to guide us toward abundance.  We see our planet as an extension of ourselves – a part of ourselves that we treat with respect and kindness.  And gratitude, always more gratitude.


So now you know.  We are dreaming our life and living our dream brewing and fermenting some amazing kombucha up here on the Blue Ridge Plateau in Floyd County, VA.  Where the water flows from and not to, where the people stand up for one another, speak their hearts and seek real connection.  When you open up a bottle of Buffalo Mountain Kombucha, take a sip, feel the love – it kind of tastes like revolution.