Several years ago, when Scott was working in middle management for a big corporation, I began researching the art of Sacred Commerce.  He was extremely unhappy in his work life and longed for work with more meaning.  I came across the idea after visiting Café Gratitude (true artists of the raw foods world!)in San Fran. The creators, Matthew and Terces Engelhart, published a book titled Sacred Commerce.  The book shows what self actualization can look like at an organizational level.  It spoke of heart-centered communication in the workplace, viewing conflicts as opportunities to heal, and creating relationships as a vehicle to awaken.  While it felt like an uphill struggle to incorporate these values into a mainstream mega corporation, the concept resurfaced when we began to create Buffalo Mountain Kombucha.

It’s easy to imagine a world where businesses lead the shift to a sustainable, authentic workplace for all when you live in a community where local business owners practice living an inspired life.  With so many mentors in Floyd County, we felt supported in implementing practices in our own business that reflect our deepest values.  We weigh each decision with true intention, from our glass bottles made stateside, to the hand written mantras affixed to each glass fermenter.  Sacred Commerce launches the idea that commerce can be a vehicle to raise consciousness, allowing for a collaborative community to swim collectively in the spiritual current.  With this in mind we create, market, and sell our kombucha to you ~ a complete, unadulterated lovefest of a product born from our truest Selves.