Our Story

In 2009, feeling that a paradigm shift was coming our way, it became clear to our family that we needed to leave the city. Without hesitation, we quit our jobs, sold our home and headed for a plateau within the Blue Ridge Mountains called Floyd, Virginia.

With clean air whipping through the trees and the freshest water we’ve ever tasted springing from the plateau, our heads quickly cleared and our purpose was revealed: to be here now. Rooting ourselves in the present moment allowed us to open up to the Universe and in turn, It to us. With each day we rediscovered Nature’s treasures as we began the journey back to our True Selves, the unchanging within, that became so muddied from years of neglect.

Floyd County, VA

Floyd was the perfect place for self care with its like-minded neighbors, clean water and fantastic array of homegrown food. Playing in the sunshine, sashaying through the garden and hiking in the forest was our job. Growing our food for optimal health was a grand experiment and fermenting kombucha was taking it to the next level.  We’d grown accustomed to store bought kombucha and couldn’t believe our taste buds when we tasted our own brew! Sitting around our farmhouse kitchen one night, I uttered the words: “Let’s start a kombuchery!”

That declaration shot out into the Universe like a laser beam and all of the days that followed framed the groundwork for Buffalo Mountain Kombucha. Named for the buffalo shaped mountain we live in the shadow of, our creation took off from the get go. We knew we were heading in the right direction with the simplicity and ease that the Universe offered.

Putting our love and light into every batch of our hand crafted kombucha is effortless: We believe in our kombucha and its healing potential.

Our Commitment

We practice living an inspired life

At Buffalo Mountain Kombucha we follow the principles of Sacred Commerce.  Excited by Matthew and Terces Engelhart’s book Sacred Commerce, we created Buffalo Mountain Kombucha out of the desire to use our business as a vehicle for self-actualization.  The books speaks of heart-centered communication and creating relationships as a vehicle to awaken.  By allowing our community as a whole to be part of our business model, from inception to daily practices, we are creating a collaboration of conscious raising experiences.  We rely on one another in business decisions and look out for each other as family.  We weigh each decision with intention, integrity and with the larger lens of community.

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