I took the leap last Christmas Eve.  Left my paycheck behind and jumped.  

I did not look back.  I did not regret.  It was like walking into the sunshine, fearless and smiling.  

Here I am a full calendar year later.  

We have more than doubled our business.  We raised over 15K on Kickstarter, purchased a bottling machine, hired an employee, and released a new flavor.

Our daughter started high school, began learning the ukelele and is saving to spend her junior year in France.  Our son continues his cello studies, has taken up mountain biking and is hoping to section hike the AT this spring. Our house that we began building in 2012 is ALMOST FINISHED.  

I am delighting in working side by side with my partner.  Relishing having my own schedule.  Thrilled at running a kombucha company and putting a healthy beverage on the shelves of health food stores near and far.

Is the whole picture roses?


The net appeared.