When the timing is right, being in the flow is effortless. And not a second sooner.

For months, Scott had asked about using a crowd funding site to raise money for much needed equipment and working capital. “No thank you,” was my immediate response. My reasons revolved around time and energy – or lack of, but looking back, I think my reasons ran deeper.

Asking for what you need can be a tricky thing. Fears of rejection and disappointment surface and can be just enough to retreat. Reaching out for help can trigger feelings of inadequacy and weakness – two traits, as a new businesswoman, I did not want to portray. I sat with all of these emotions swirling for weeks. The business continued to expand in sales, but the undeniable need for more equipment was growing quickly.

And then, the timing was right.

I knew, without a shadow of doubt, that we would launch a Kickstarter campaign. I began writing the content for the promotion immediately and it flowed from my fingers like lava. What before seemed like a mountain of work and preparation, came together instantaneously. There was no event in particular that I can name that revealed the timing was now – I just knew that it was.

We found an amazing filmmaker who agreed to shoot our Kickstarter video, an integral part of the campaign and we jumped into the flow with both feet. We approached other local businesses and farmers to be a part of the project, as our community is so much a part of who we are. We wanted to showcase everybody – however, with a three minute video length limit, we had to pare it down. We shot three hours of video. Did I mention our filmmaker is amazing?

We asked local vendors to design and create the stickers and t-shirts that would be part of the reward package for investors. We planned tastings to get the word out. We planned events to promote the campaign. We planned and planned more.

And Saturday, February 14, a day synonymous with Love – we come to you for help. We are asking for what we need, still feeling a bit vulnerable, but wide open to receive. We ask for you to share your loving heart with us, whether it means donating monetarily to our Kickstarter, or sharing the campaign with those you know.

See, Scott and I have always wanted to use Buffalo Mountain Kombucha as a vehicle to connect. To connect people to the healing art of fermentation. To connect ourselves to those people and with them practice heart centered communication to uplift us all. By being our very best, our most authentic selves and by brewing our very best, most healthy kombucha we are flowing in the river of allowing.

Care to jump in?