It was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives.  Watching the love literally pour in daily, hourly – for thirty days.  Oh the goodness.  Oh the feels.  Oh the anxiety!


Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform.  If we didn’t reach our 15K goal, we got zilch.   We obsessed, worried, prayed, schemed, begged, and sweated.  We talked to people and asked them to talk to their people.  We emailed, posted, chatted, messaged all day, everyday – in our sleep even.  We did not, for one second, let up and let go.  We worked it good.  And then, we gave thanks.


Each donation.  Each dollar.  Each pat on the back.  We were grateful out loud and in our hearts and we meant it.  The shine in our eyes, the smile on our faces was fueled by the gratitude we felt.  That gratitude went out into the Universe and brought back more donations, more money, more reasons to be grateful.  A big, fat, juicy cycle of love manifested.


We raised $16,011 in thirty days.

That money went to purchase more kegs, more fermenters, a commercial juicer, a bottling machine, and it went back into the community.


The lessons learned in asking and receiving will bring us more of what we want for many moons to come.  And in between the asking and the receiving sat a little piece of mystery called faith. That faith, the knowing it was coming, was probably the biggest manifesting move we made.  We knew.  It’s that simple. Know, believe, have faith it’s already on it’s way to you. Then, smile and give thanks.