I have to admit.  I had had a few glasses of wine.  With a buddy in town visiting, we were sitting around the farmhouse kitchen table – our winter gathering place – talking about anything and everything.  Eventually our conversation turned to, as it always would seem to, what we are doing/could be doing/SHOULD be doing to stay healthy and live forever.  Well, long enough to attain spiritual enlightenment anyway.

We had been using the warmth from the wood stove heated kitchen to ferment our own kombucha.  Tommy came down from Cleveland to visit us in Floyd, VA toting HIS favorite flavors that he was experimenting with.  Over taste testing, recipe swapping, and talk of Mothers and which sugar works best, a light bulb illuminated.  Um, let’s start a kombuchery?

I swear to Goddess, as soon as we uttered those words, as soon as we put them “out there”, every step we took brought us closer to making it all happen.  The very next day we began the research, the trials and experiments, marketing ideas, sketches.  We ordered several different bottle types and shapes, driving around our curvy mountain county to see which one held up best to drinking kombucha on the go.   We brewed up several different batches of buch – laboratory style.  We just kept going.  We never stopped to wonder if it would work and bring in profit (i.e. a business plan), we just pushed on.

By the time our first cases hit the shelves of local stores, people were expecting it.  Living in a tight knit, health conscious, locavore community allows for creative commerce. They welcomed Buffalo Mountain Kombucha with a fierce devotion and for that we are forever devoted to Floyd County.

We’ve always felt that when things seem effortless, then they are right, you are in the flow.  We’ve never had to push, it’s as if we’ve been guided, to create this dream.  Each and every person – from vendor rep to taste tester, each and every ingredient – from goji berry to elderberry, has played a part in this dance we call Buffalo Mountain Kombucha.