Our Flavors

6 distinctive flavors for your drinking pleasure!

Ginger Fizz

The favorite among the ginger lovers.  With fresh pressed organic ginger and the natural effervescence of our Kombucha, this elixir, our flagship flavor, will tickle your tongue!  From kids to adults, an ice cold Ginger Fizz will quench your thirst and lift your spirits.

Hibiscus Pomegranate

With its beautiful red color, this beauty is loaded with Vitamin C from the organic hibiscus flowers we use add during the brewing process.  100% pomegranate juice, chock full of antioxidants, lends a tartness to this brew.

Elderberry Jam

It has quickly become well loved among our Kombucha drinkers, especially since we introduced it during the winter months.   Fermented into a deep purple, we add fresh ginger and plump goji berries to finish this immune boosting brew.

Holy Basil Berry

Floyd County grown Holy Basil is also known as India’s sacred tulsi plant. We add rosehips for a power dose of vitamin C, elderberries and super fruit blueberries, packed with antioxidants. All added to a yerba mate base, Holy Basilberry may be our most medicinal kombucha yet!

Hot Lime

Our yerba mate kombucha recipe with a kick! Organic lime juice, turmeric and cayenne add an earthy, spicy punch! Our newest addition is quickly becoming a favorite.


Brewed with fair trade, organic cold brew coffee from Floyd’s very own Red Rooster Coffee, we add locally sourced reishi mushrooms and earthy maca.  Both the kombucha and the coffee make stellar performances in the front and back of the palate – the perfect blend for kombucha and coffee lovers!

Red Rooster Coffee Roaster